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GOMA Session


Presentations: Gulf of Mexico Special Session on Sea Level Rise

SLR 2010—Corpus Christi TX,

Wednesday, March 3 (12:30-4:30)


SLAMM Modeling in the Gulf of Mexico: Nature Conservancy and Gulf of Mexico Alliance

Presenter: Jim Pahl, LA Office of Coastal Protection


Predicting spatial distribution changes of tidal marshes under local land use / land cover and sea level rise

Presenter: Wei Wu, University of Southern Mississippi


Sea Level Rise Visualization on the Alabama-Mississippi and Delaware Coastlines

Presenter: Van Wilson, USGS


Modeling the Impact of Sea-Level Change on Complex Coastal Systems and Infrastructure, Northeastern Gulf of Mexico  

Presenter: Alan Niedoroda, URS Corp.


Mangrove Ecosystem Vulnerability to Climate Change Effect in Yucatan Peninsula (carbonate settings), SE Mexico

Presenter: Jorge Herrera-Silveira, Depto. De Recursos del Mar, CINVESTAV-IPN, Unidad Merida


NOAA’s Ecological Effects of Sea Level Rise Research

Presenter: Auer, Carol NOAA,  Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research


Establishing Geodetic Baselines in the Gulf of Mexico for accurate SLR Measurements. 

Presenter: Galen Scott, NOAA, National geodetic Survey


Adapting to Climate Change: A Planning Guide for State Coastal Managers and other OCRM Partner Projects

Presenter:  Laurie Rounds, NOAA Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management


Digital Coast - Coastal Inundation Toolkit and SLR Viewer—A Gulf Example

Presenter: Todd Davison, NOAA Gulf Coast Service Center


Future Impacts of Sea level Rise on Coastal Habitats and Species (FISCHS) in the Greater Everglades -2010 Progress Report

Presenter: Barry Rosen, USGS, SE Ecological Science Center


Developing a Climate Change Community of Practice in the Gulf

MS/AL and FL Sea Grant, NOAA

Presenter: LaDon Swan, SE NMFS NOAA


Responsiveness of Large Scale Habitat Restoration Projects to Sea Level Rise

Presenter: Meg Goecker, NOAA Restoration Center


Adaptive Decision Making for Sea Level Rise on the Gulf Coast

Presenter: Adam Hosking, Halcrow, Inc.


Sea level rise in the face of climate change: an assessment of policy tools for local adaptation to sea level rise in Southwest Florida

Presenter: Barbara Lausche, Mote Marine Lab


Projecting Impacts of Relative Sea-Level Rise and Erosion on Texas Barrier Islands

Presenter: James Gibeaut, Harte Research Institute

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